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 +====== What is Domotics / Smart Home ======
 +[[https://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Home_automation|Home automation (smart home)]] stands for technical solutions in private living space built from devices, systems and technologies for achieving more energy efficiency, comfort, cost effectiveness,​ flexibility and security. Other terms, which need not to mean exactly the same thing are: „eHome“,​ „Smart House“, „Smart Home“, „Smart Living“, „Elektronic House“, „Linked Building“,​ „Intelligent Building“ etc. There are also many proprietary names for it.
 +One special case of intelligent living, which currently has much attention, is Ambient Assisted Living (AAL).
 +Practically home automation, household appliance automation and networking in consumer electronics is achieved by interconnecting:​
 +    * building equipment and appliances (energy meter, burglar alarm, heating and light control etc.)
 +    * household appliances (stove, refrigerator etc.)
 +    * entertainment electronics (TV, VCR, Tuner, media server etc.)
 +    * Internet
 +with the help of bus systems (by wire, Powerline or Wireless) or direct radio links.

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